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Daily Prayers:


At this masjid we hold five prayers daily. Imam Mohamed Baadany leads the five daily prayers each and every day. Iquama is a 10 minutes right after the Athan. Every body is encouraged to conduct their prayers in a the house of Allah where muslims from different backgrouds gather and stand on the front of Allah performing their daily prayers. Praying in jamaa is 27 times more superior than praying alone in the meaning of the Hadith of the prophet Mohamed (pbuh) 

Monday & Thursday Iftar:

As a way of life Prophet Mohamed used to fast every Monday & Thursday. Here at the Oakland Islamic Center we try to encourage our brothers & sisters to fast as well. Tow generous brothers have been providing iftar for long time. 


Sheikh Mohamed Baadani holds lectures every Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday between Magrib and Ishaa Prayers. He teaches the sirah of the prophet Mohamed (pbuh) and he also explains the meaning of the Quoran one Surah at a time. Please refer to Multimedia section  to view lecture and/or Friday Khutbas that were recorded directly from the Oakland Islamic Center.

In addition, every Friday night between Maghrib and Ishaa prayer sheikh Mohamed holds a Tajweed Lecture.

​Special Lectures:

On every Monday & Thursday between Maghrib and Ishaa prayer and after dinner Sheikh Mohamed holds a halakah lecture for Arabic speakers in the Grammar area. 

Arabic Classes:

Every Wednesday between maghrib and Ishaa Prayers, Sheikh Mohamed Baadani offers Arabic classes for beginners. Sheikh Mohamed along with Arabic speaking brothers (volunteers) help teach English speakers how to write and read Arabic. Sheikh Mohamed takes a small placement test for each brother and assign different level for each individual. 


We offer Saturday and Sunday school for Children between the ages of 6 and 13 years.

This is a non-profit school that offer classes for both gender boys and girls.

The school charges only $40 monthly fee per student. The rest of the expenses is covered by the mosque

Hours of operation: The school is open each and every Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am to 2:00pm

Grades and levels: 

First Level: this level is designed for those who need to learn the Arabic alphabets

Second Level: This level is designed for those who need to learn various words.

Third Level: At this level students start reading long text and Recite Quaran.

Fourth & Fifth Level: At this level students start learning the basic of the Grammar & FAQ.

The school's focus is on teaching children how to memorize Quoran and teaches them the Islamic behaviors & characters as well as good attitudes that our children need to live in the west.

Currently there are more than 180 students and 12 teachers.

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