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Oakland, CA.

​Prayer Times:

​Daily Lectures Between Maghreb and Isha :

Daily Activities

Iqama Times:

- Fajr : 20 minutes after Athan

- Dhuhr: is set at 12:30 or 1:30 (with day light saving)

- Asr: 15 minutes after Athan

- Maghrib: 10 minutes after Athan

- Isha: 10 minutes after Athan

Thursday-Monday : Islamic Education By Sheikh Aburizq Mundhir Ibn Muhammed

- Tuesday-Wednesdy: The Book Of Prayer By Shiekh Wasil Obaid 

FREE Arabic Lessons: 

Jumaa Prayer:  1:20 PM (12:30 in winter time)

Khutba is offered in Arabic with English translation 

- Daily: Learn Arabic and Quran Recitation With Ostad Khalid.

 Note: To schedule one in one lessons, please call (510) 646-6189 

    Community Services
  • FREE Arabic Classes for Adults.
    • Send us a message OR call (205)886-1480 to sign up 
  • Our Scholars are here to answer your questions about Islam (ALL Languages) 
  • FREE Copies of translated Quran (English & Spanish). FREE Shipping
  • Daily Lectures Between Maghrib and Isha 
  • FREE Access to our online learning platform. Click here to sign up
  • FREE Limited Funeral Services
    • Ghusl, Transportation, etc. 

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515 31st Street  Oakland, CA 94609
Tel: 510-808-5284

Cell: 205-886-1480





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